The subject of ‘place’ and ‘space’ have been a continual reference point in my work. The fixation of these triggers is due to my personal experience with travel anxiety, which I have suffered with for a decade and a half and which has limited my mobility accordingly.  As the grip of this inability to travel has started to loosen on me, I have simultaneously seen a shift in my artwork. Emphasis is beginning to move away from ideas of ‘place’ and its meanings, yet I still see a shadow of that earlier work present itself even when it is not the focus. For a long time I felt anchored to my home; so for that to shift, not only has it had a huge effect on my life, but it has also sent waves rippling through my art practice.


My work also reflects ideas around the languages within and the discourse of painting: it is about painting and the paint itself, as much as about any other subject. This has been a long standing line of enquiry and one which with I never lose fascination. I often think of painting as similar to a game of Pong: the rackets that bat the ball being intention on one side and accidents on the other and art as the ball that is batted between the two. Each painting also affects the next which makes the body or series of work have narrative, rather than each individual painting on its own. 


Using written fiction to inform my painting process is also a consistent theme in my work. Other influences include Superflat art, which has had great effect on the way I paint and relates back to the language of paint.


During my years of painting I have seen a motif occur throughout, which demonstrates my assertion that each painting connects to another in terms of narrative. This motif is formed from an idea of unseen structures that hold up the exterior of different subjects or objects; which could be anything from a shell, to a building, to a plant. I am interested in the idea of seen and unseen or exterior and interior - for example, the exterior of the crystal and the interior structure motif drawn from the molecular makeup of various objects.